How did we get to this picture…  How you ask….  Well there is a story….  A good story…  Lets see where to begin

The story starts last December when we entered negotiations to purchase over 40 acres that connects to our 40 acres across the road from the resort making a total over 80 acres perfect for trails.  The lots we bought 4 and 5 boarder on Kitty Springs with some beautiful vistas to look out at the spring.  So minds started turning how to make our trails we already have connect to the Kitty Spring property and what it would take to make marked trails

Some of our logging road trails on our original 40 are perfect to make connecting trails to run the length of the properties

The guys started this week on our 40 making connecting trails.  I just had to find the white truck to see what they are doing

Action shot pulling stumps our of the trail to clear it.  No firetrucks… not yet…

Truck making short work of the trees.  Trees are then moved into piles to be chipped later to add to the trail

Now is when our tale gets interesting.  Steve rented to chipper to get rid of the debris that had been building up over the last couple of weeks of trail clearing.  Personally I would love to hear the comments made about a VW Vanagan pulling a chipper along hwy 51 this morning

Now here is the last picture I took before life got interesting this morning.  I took this picture of the trail being chipped.  I left the guys working and have no pictures of the actual event.  I was checking people out of Red Pine and saying goodbye when Troy came sprinting up the driveway yelling “Fire Get Buckets!”  A bit puzzled about how a fire could start when all they were doing was chipping, I set out in panic mode with half the resort guests running to our aid ready to do an old fashioned bucket brigade out to the fire across the road from the resort.  Billowing smoke started coming down the driveway and I found out later fire 20 feet in the air had Craig on the phone calling the fire department.  Quote from one guest “I had to  help, I could not imagine my vacation suddenly ending today and going home, I could not have handled that”  So the bucket brigade saved the day.  Craig worriedly with flames going high and dry balsam trees surrounding him did call the fire department

The bucket brigade had many more buckets but left them down by the smoldering fire when they were told it was ok.  Thank you bucket brigade you saved the day (hey that rhymes )

After all was said and done the smoldering pile.  Now how and why did this fire start…. that was the question… All 3 of the guys were in the area Craig, Steve and Troy.  The story I got was that both Troy and Steve were trying to chip up this pile and both got stung from the bees that decided to make the pile their summer home.  Not to be defeated by bees they tried bee spray to no effect.. then the suggestion came of lets smoke them out.  I am not saying who suggest it, I am not saying who lit the match and I am not saying who stood there while it happened watching..  Lets just say they will be leaving bees alone from now on

Big thank you to the Hazelhurst volunteer fire department who showed up quickly but thanks to the bucket brigade did not have much to do.

Big thank you to the DNR warden who showed up later to investigate and was understanding that we were not intentionally lighting a brush fire but honestly trying to get rid of bees.  It did help that after all that fire the bees were still hanging around the burned brush pile having the last laugh.

As I left them in the woods with the truck and the chipper they quietly went back to cleaning the trail and leaving the bees alone

On a happy note nobody was hurt which we are all thankful for (including the bees)

We hope in the next month or so to start putting up trail markers so folks can start enjoying a nice hike in the woods on the new trails