Why a picture of Mack’s water bowl you ask?

I had just returned from taking pictures of the trail work going on across the road with the DR Chipper Mower that we rented.  No fire trucks, no fires, just trails being cut and mowed and pretty vistas

I go to make lunch for the guys of Sloppy Joe’s and am frying hamburger in the kitchen.  The phone rings during the making of lunch and I answer and put the phone down on the counter.

My Iphone 5 which I have had for 1 month…  The Iphone which has taken a trip in the toilet, had the wrong charger stuck in it, damaging the prongs and costing me 95 dollars to fix…  This same Iphone now falls off the counter and lands directly into the dogs water dish….  This same Iphone 5 which I refused to buy insurance on thinking it is all a racket to get more money.

Lets hope this Iphone has at least 3 lives and comes back to life in 2 days when it comes back out of its bag of rice it is sitting in