It was a pontoon adventure last night to run a message out to Howard Berchtold who was fishing on the lake.  Howard rides a bike from the early 70’s because it works. He does not carry a cell phone on the lake fishing, that is just not how you fish in the peace and quiet of Lower Kaubashine, in the early evening.  Mack came along for the ride and promptly decided the safest place on the boat was hiding behind the captains chair

Did you really have to start the motor….. it makes noise and I am not a fan….

Oh we are moving and I think I am going to barf

I smell land… I am sure it is out there somewhere.  Howard where are you?  Better find you fast so my paws can go back to terra firma

If I close my eyes and tap  my paws together and say “There is no place like home” maybe this will be over

Ok the sunset is pretty but that motor is still running and my feet are not on ground

You know you could put that camera down anytime and quit laughing at me… maybe we should talk about where your Iphone 5 is…. Now that is funny!

Loon spotted by the dock but missed the picture 5 seconds later of Mergansers chasing the loon and the loon fighting them off and flapping.  Mack was unimpressed and just wanted to find Howard

Hey Mack lets go to the front of the boat and check out the scenery..

Mack’s response “Let’s Not”

No Howard in the back bay…..

I am starting to be convinced Howard is having a beer at Hilltop instead of fishing.  Can we please go in now?

Man’s best friend… they will both deny it and give me a disgusted look

Loons again… no Howard

Finally Howard is found, message delivered and time to head to port

All in a resort dogs job description leading the way and sniffing the wind to find Howard on the lake.  Time to head in and get a snack and get MY PAWS BACK ON LAND!