Are these the cutest girls in the Northwoods?  Norah and her sister Marin have for the 2nd year brought Ronald Mc Donald houses with them for everyone at the resort to fill with their pop tops.  They passed out the houses the day they got here and collected them on Saturday with the promise of a wonderful prize for the most tops.

How can you resist a box with this message.  Norah visited Ronald McDonald house through her church and wanted to collect tops to help them out

I was very happy to remember I was given a very large bag of pop tops about a year ago (possibly from Barb Moore) which I had left under my kitchen sink until I heard of a place to drop them.  I pulled them out and made the girls smile with the big bag and won a bag of taffy.

Because I had a little help collecting a bag of tops, I felt it only fair to share the taffy winnings with John Thompson (who had help from all his relatives and neighbors in cabins) collecting his own pile.  So with help from friends, John and I got to share a bag of candy for a great cause

This is the 2nd year the girls have done this collection on vacation.  I would love to surprise them next year with many more tops.  If anyone else is saving them and wonder what to do with them bring them on vacation and I will save them for Nora and Marin next summer.  How can you resist those faces.  Ronald McDonald could learn a few things from these girls

While walking around with the girls we ran into a lot of folks eating outside for Friday night.  Jim Eberle was doing his usual rib fest with 3 grills smoking and making everyone drool.  Jim happily gave the girls his tabs

Kim Thompson sporting the craziest pair of wild socks to come off my sock maker this summer, was happy to grab a couple of pieces of taffy out of John’s bag for the tops she contributed to the Thompson collection of tops.  I knew those socks would have a owner and it did not take long for me to find her.  There is a owner out there for each pair of crazy socks I make

So save your tops and bring em Up  North and make Nora and Marin smile next July