For the first time in over 35 years we had 33 members of the Black family together at the resort.  We had our usual reunion with the Eastern Black’s which is Craig’s brother and family.  This year we were happy to enjoy time as well with the Gottschow family led by Rhoda who is sitting on the swing in the middle.  Rhoda spent most of her teenage summers at the resort watching Dave and Craig.  She also helped Millie with the cleaning of the cabins.  Rhoda is the daughter of Maynard’s sister Kay.  Unfortunately her brother Ross passed away last year it would have been great to have him and his family here as well.

We spent a busy week spending time with everyone which is why not too many blog entries this week

Katie finished our family history album just in time for the reunion.  Cousin Mary Gottschaw checking out Katie’s research

Big game of ultimate frisbee on the playground

The cousins together again.  Craig, Dave and Rhoda

The next generation Bella and Eleanora bonding over the teeter totter

Craig and his brother Dave.  Don’t ask about the hat.  We are sure it came from Aunt Martha’s closet

Foosball was the name of the game for the cousins

Who could get the higher pinball score Sam and Ryan

One of my favorite things was to return a post card I found on Ebay to Rhoda from 1963

She wrote it out to her father in law back in 1963 and sent it to him.  How it ended up with a card dealer in Florida this spring for me to find on Ebay is a mystery but I was just happy to give it back to her

There was much debate about who was the tallest in the family.  It was not Uncle Dave or Jake….  Ben has quietly snuck up on everyone

Speaking of Ben…  not sure what they were trying to be

Craig got to spend some time with his name sake little Craig.  Now if they could just find little Craig a matching hat..

The infamous card night with the cousins.  Bonnie had the quote of the night as she made me draw 6 but it is not something I can share on the blog.  Love you Bonnie!  White Russians are the way to go when playing cards with the cousins

What family reunion would be complete without a little sumo wrestling

Til next year hope to see everyone again