Elli and her brother Chris left me a wonderful note on my office door.  Thank you for making my day

Elli’s note.  Thanks Elli!

Grant would like Char to know that he got all the humming bird feeders filled up and the hummers are happy

In other news Troy and I signed the final papers on Kitty Springs this morning and headed out with 2 buckets of markers to mark the trails.  We now have 4 trail colors for the different trails and hopefully will not get anyone lost.  Our next thing to do this week is develop a map with the different trails.  We figure the blue trail out to Kitty Springs is atleast 3/4 of a mile one way.  The trail goes through hard woods, pine forests, and then out to grassy areas by the spring with vistas.  Quite a variety.  Our new orange trail skirts our old bog lake that has always been on our original 40 acres but nobody knew it was there til we put in the trails

Red, Orange, Blue and Red are the markers to look for in the trees.  Red is the old bike trail to Timber Ridge which many guests know already.  The orange and yellow are sub trails off the blue which offer a variety on the walk back