There is a rumor that summer is returning to the northwoods this week.  The sun is out and we are warming up each day.  I think the last 3 weeks have been the coldest that I remember for summer temps

This picture is for Linda in Georgia.  The sun is coming out and the sky’s are blue!

The guys have been busy down on our new land working on the muskrat fence.  The new land back in the 30’s and 40’s was a muskrat farm and it has old fencing left from the farm.  The guys decided to try to remove parts of the fence that were at the entrance.  The fence has been there so long the trees have grown around it.  Keep an eye on the big tree in the center of the pic and you will see what I mean in the next pics

This the fence pole puller that was defeated the first day.  It weighs as much as my minivan and could not pull out the poles but Troy and Steve were not to be defeated

After day 2 a blow torch and a metal cutter the fence was cleared out and cleaning up of the property started

Here is the tree that had the fence surround it.

A much cleaner forest

The chipping continues

Just a hint to anyone thinking of Christmas it is not that far away.  If you are thinking of stockings let me know I have them all on the wall.  The closer to Christmas the smaller the selection

I also made a few that do not have names in the top.  The santa stockings I think is one of the nicest made with the full pattern. I can make any of them full pattern just ask

Love, Joy and Peace make a great Christmas display.  All stockings full pattern or with a name are 48 each.  Wait too long and they will be gone.  Last year everyone was spoken for by Thanksgiving and the shop was empty.  Just a word to the wise

A few of my new signs that came in last week

A few other fun ones.  If interested let me know and I will hold them or ship them for you.