I had a whole other blog entry ready to go today with a beautiful sunset in panorama but just as I was about to start uploading it, my phone rang.  Troy had the loons down at the docks parent feeding the baby.  Down the steps I went after searching for the camera and the memory card I had removed.  I was a few minutes late for the feeding by the pontoon boat, but caught the baby loon stretching its wings.  The young loon is in the gray plumage and it was getting ready to head out with its parents in the future

Enjoy the pics, I took quite a few but thought everyone would enjoy watching the young loon try out its wings for the first time


Hey I thought I was the star of the blog today?  Aren’t I the center of the universe with my phobias and paranoias?

Mack you are tomorrow with the reason you will not go for boat rides with the boys.  Never fear we have not forgotten you.  Just delayed you a day along with the sunset