I challenged these twins to get close together for a picture.  The pictures taken as they get ready for their pic were fun.

I am ready I am READY!

ME:  You need your brother, remember this was a twin brother shot

Oh yeah….

Oh I was supposed to be in the picture too?

ME:  Yes!

Oh well be right there

Well you are both there but lets see if we can get the boats heading in the same direction.

Ta Da!  As the sun goes behind a cloud… and I knew better than to wait to snap the pic

With twins you just grab the pics when you can

The intrepid mom of the twins, Gail out enjoying a water ski.  Lower Kaubashine is the place to be on Labor Day Weekend

The kids on the raft wanted in on the action as well to make the blog

A few more warm days to jump in the lake before school starts

For those of you that noticed the blog was down for a day when my domain name expired and I had to search up the log in and passwords which is always a chore for something you only need once a year.   I have now written them on my wall as a reminder to renew the blog before it expires next year