I had to share this picture I saw on Facebook last night.  There was quite the cocktail party in the state of Illinois last night and Barbie and an orange raft in a pond were the guests along with several Black’s Cliff revelers getting together for a Black’s Cliff reunion party.  They thought the raft added a spice of the Northwoods to the pond in Illinois.  I got a laugh and am half tempted to send my swinging bed replica to them for the next party.  Glad everyone including Barbie had a good time.  Just wondering where Ken and the pontoon are

Up North last night the decorations were just as good.  Gail works at Pier 1 and brought the Pier 1 feel to the Cliff.

Gail was thrilled to already have some decoration made for her.  I think my sand sculpture folks from last week left behind some more art and Gail loved it

It gave the trees a very interesting look for the night

Horst and Marie enjoying time with the family.  Married 51 years this year.  They have spent more summers in Hazelhurst than they can remember.  Horst’s parents used to own McCormick Lake resort down hwy Y in Hazelhurst

Here is to many more nights like this spent with family and friends at Black’s Cliff or creating your own piece of the Northwoods and bringing together friends and family where ever you are in the Northwoods or not