First of all the pretty pictures.  After my Iphone catastrophe of July my Iphone 4 was retired.  Ben did not want to see an Iphone collecting dust and convinced mom to fire it back up for him.  Ben took these amazing pics on the way to school the other day on his bike.  The mists were amazing along the Bearskin.  Amazing enough for a 16 year old to notice, stop and take these pics.  You get to keep the phone if you keep getting pics like this for mom and the blog

Great job Ben!

I always seems when school starts the weather is great.  It has been a great week for swimming at the resort.  The lake has been warm, but the kids are all in school so Sheffield has had the lake to her self and has been retrieving to her hearts content.

I managed to get a pontoon boat ride in with my best friend Sue.  I brought along the sock machine for a wonderful afternoon of laughs and some relaxation on the boat.  Troy’s only concern was “Don’t drop that thing in the lake, I am not diving after it”

Only at Black’s Cliff would you find a cast iron, 100 year old knitting machine on a pontoon boat combined with an afternoon of fishing

Speaking of socks here is the latest crazy colors off the machine

I also got a delivery of moisturizing goat soap the other day.  Here are some of the new soaps.  Compete for fall with a football

More dragonflies arrived as I was sold out from summer along with hummingbirds and of course the ever popular frog and cat soaps

The deer soap I am sure will find a home as well

Julie has also branched out into lotion bars.  These are the 3 scents she has made so far.  The Citronella is supposed to help keep your hands moisturized and keep the mosquitos at bay.  I am going to have to give that one a try on a walk to Kitty Springs

See something you want me to save or ship just let me know at  I can ship most things for a cost of 5 dollars.  Socks have been flying off the shelf for folks stocking up for Christmas.  If you want some stocking stuffers start secretly finding out your relatives shoe size and I can make to fit.  I will email yarn colors and you can pick them out over email.  Socks range from 18 – 27 dollars depending on yarn used