Mid September means leaves starting to show their color and Harley Weekend in Tomahawk.  The Northwoods rumbles for a few days

This group cracked me up talking to me about going to the bar down the road and hanging out.  I figured they ment Hilltop til they started talking and figured out they were at Jacobi’s.  Jacobi’s is usually not a spot for hanging out at a bar but they managed to make it home and loved hanging at the bar for a few hours everyday they were here.  I told them next time you have to try the food as well as the bar

Resort looks a little different with Harley’s all around

Everyone of our Harley groups has been with us for atleast 10 years or so.  They know how to have a good time for a weekend

Once a year I get the itch to get a Harley and join them on the road exploring beautiful roads.  This was my favorite bike of the weekend.  I just need to grab Craig’s scooter and go for a trip down Lower Kaubashine but it sure would be fun some year…..

Rain stopped just in time for everyone to get down the road relatively dry.

Off they go

See you next year