This morning I took a old green boat out on the lake to see what I could see, and boy did I get a treat. Sometimes heading out in an old green row boat is one of the best ways to see the lake. The mists were out and I was armed with my camera and Iphone 5 panorama. Enjoy the trip with me



The sun was just starting to peek through the mists.

For resort history buffs, the green boat I am riding in was bought new by Maynard in the early 50’s and is still one of the best row boats on the lake. Every year it weighs just a little more with a fresh coat of paint.


The loons cooperated and were fishing in the mists. I believe that is one of the adults and the loon lower in the water is the baby, still learning from its parent




View down the shoreline showing the colors just starting to get going



I tried to follow the loons farther out into the lake. They were not thrilled with a green boat and a photographer and were keeping their distance





Where are the loons they kept evading my camera



You can just see the adult in the back ground flapping its wings. This is where the loons and I parted



What a treat to be on the lake in the mists. I really need to take a row boat out more often



This pic is looking back at the resort docks, I am down by Holiday and Norway’s docks looking back at the resort. The raft is somewhere in the mist



Hope you enjoyed the trip in the green boat

Did I mention there is a cabin open this weekend with a 2 night minimum that comes with a green boat so you too can experience this? Tempting…. give a call. I also have one that opens up on Saturday with also a 2 night minimum. To those who can’t get away and I caused you to twitch I am sorry, more pictures to come