I had the following pictures shared to me by Danny and Maryann Solheim.  Thanks to them for sharing their experiences on Lower Kaubashine.  It is nice to get someone else’s perspective than mine


Beautiful shot of the lake


bw boats

I need to take the time to turn more of my pics into black and whites like Danny did.  Very neat pic

IMG_2514 IMG_2516

This picture shows the color just starting.  Every hour things seem to get brighter and brighter


Awesome Northern follow up to the boat


Happy way to end vacation.  Thanks so much for sharing your pics!


I have added a few new crazy sock yarns to my stash.  The green ones at the top are the newest color and I think will become a favorite.  The browns and blue I thought made a great fall sock.  The crazy pink has been around all summer and has been the number one seller.  I have another new yarn not pictured that will rival the crazy neon pink and I will take a pic of that one soon.  The bottom right is just a fun stripped yarn I found on the internet it is 50 percent wool.  The other 3 socks are all wool free and 100% Acrylic.  All are 18 dollars each and can be made to fit and either picked up or shipped



The socks have been flying out of the shop as Christmas presents.  I have been just managing to keep up.  If you see some you like and know the size let me know and they will be ready.  Wait too long and you may be out of luck.  Did I say Christmas is just 3 months away….  Back to cranking out socks