Colors this morning after rain went through were amazing.  Caught some pics on the other side of the lake.  Enjoy!





IMG_3162 IMG_3161



Last night we were asked to help Oneida County advertising company Piltch and Barnett film a fall commercial.  I had to find some guys who would be ok with being filmed fishing and some kayakers. The fishing guys were no problem thanks to Billy Borger and Rick Pryzdia.  Stacey Borger in one kayak with her dog and her mom Kathy and I in the 2nd kayak were the kayakers.  The Toby the dog stole the show hamming it up for the camera.  It was a beautiful night to film


Stacey bringing Toby the ham back and forth in the sun for the camera



Yup I was told I have a future in the Biz love me mom!  Toby is a golden retreiver/bassett hound mix who Stacey rescued from a shelter in Kentucky.  Next stop Hollywood

The commercial for Oneida County will be shown on PBS next August and September in the Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago areas.  I will post a link to the commercial on internet when I get a link.  It was a fun evening at the lake thanks to everyone in the resort who helped