Starting out with a commercial message from the Looney Bin Gift Shop.  Chirstmas stockings are headed out the door.  People, dogs, cats everyone needs a stocking and there are still many left but don’t wait for Thanksgiving to call me for 10 stockings made by Christmas.  These 3 are headed to Door county today for 3 happy Scottie’s


Sunrise pics this morning


What is a sunrise without a panoramic pic

IMG_3214 IMG_3213

Lower Kaubashine Road


Another commercial message from the Looney Bin, socks, socks and more socks need some for stocking stuffers let me know is the email I just need the foot size and color wanted.  Wool, No wool, 50 % wool those are the choices


Birchwood controversy.  Many times in the cabins I do not realize how much people get used to things in certain places that they have been for 50 years.  A mirror in Birchwood that moved from the livingroom to the bedroom caused much distress in a few worlds that were used to the mirror in the livingroom where it had always been.  A very nice coat rack went in its place.  Shock! no mirror…..  As a form of a peace offering the coat racker donor has not added a wonderful cooling rack to the cabin that will make many bakers in Birchwood happy.  Especially one I know who lives in Springfield Illinois who likes to bake bread.  This rack fits perfectly on the counter.  It is Scottie approved and I think it will be Gloria and Kathy in California approved as well

IMG_3204 IMG_3203

View from the newly completed steps at Bear Den.  The guys got the final top 3rd of the steps done


They also redid the cement step into Red Pine.  Very nicely done!


View up the steps at Bear Den



And of course a panoramic pic at Bear Den



This 37 inch Muskie was caught this week by Mike Rose on his final morning fishing.  Thanks for sharing Mike!



We had one of our favorite treats of the year brought over from Birchwood.  A very secret Door County recipe using Door County cherries in a delicious chocolate chip cookie makes these cookies not last long in our house.  I am sworn to secrecy on the recipe