First snows on the lake

IMG_3291 IMG_3290 IMG_3289 IMG_3288

Lower Kaubashine in its first snow of the season


Snow whipping around the front yard


Before the snows hit the guys decided it might be time to take out the big pontoon boat.  For those that follow the blog, you know it never goes smoothly…





Today our neighbors who we appreciate for letting us use their private landing to take out the big pontoon boat gave us a bit of a challenge leaving a boat lift by the landing to maneuver our F250 truck and 28 feet of pontoon boat.  Our big pontoon boat is too big to take out at Hilltop it would never make the corner, so this is the only way we can get it in and out of the lake.  Time to test Craig’s driving skills



No problem he says.  He needs practice to get ready to drive his RV through New Orleans this weekend for Halloween.  This is nothing compared to RV and New Orleans at Halloween


How close can he get without hitting anything



No problem in the water and time to get the boat out.  All is going well…


Slowly…. slowly… get it on straight


Troy wisely knocking the ice off the end of the truck for traction


No problems straight ahead



Now this could be the point where all goes wrong.  Craig gingerly getting out of the truck testing fate as he shimmies to the back of the truck.  It could go very bad at this point….. but it did not…



Instead it went bad when pulling the boat out of the water.  Someone forgot to pull up the motor… not saying who that someone was but it was not me.  The boat groaned and fell back off the trailer.  Missing pic is running back to the resort for wadders and shovels to dig the prop out of the sand.  All went well and..


Truck pushed boat back up on the trailer.  Tied it all back together


Out it goes just like clock work til next spring


Who thought there might be a problem getting around the boat life.  Easy as pie


Now on to New Orleans!



Yesterday I finally found some Green Bay Packer sock yarn.  It is hand dyed, 75% Merino Wool (the good stuff) and 25% nylon.  Putting the words hand dyed and Merino Wool together the price of the yarn was high.  I would love to make them cheaper but they are 32 dollars a pair.  They turned out great and if you have a Packer Backer in the house who needs a pair email me at to order some.  I will try to keep one pair on hand in the Looney Bin.  I just need the shoe size of the person in question.  This yarn may sell out at the yarn store so don’t wait to order as I am only making them to order due to the cost of the yarn