Last year Jack and Katie shared their vacation pics with me which I shared on the blog.  This year they did the same sharing their vacation experience through pics.  It is always nice to have a different perspective and from the eye of Jack behind the camera for most of the pics, this is what he saw.  This year they hung out in Muskie Inn and they loved the fireplace




The first thing for vacation was getting a fire started



Next was figuring out who got which bed.  I have a feeling a few ghost stories were told between Jack and Katie this weekend as they drifted off to sleep


Discovering the different Muskie’s around the cabin which I have placed

DSCF4332 DSCF4330

A hike out on the blue trail across from the resort to Kitty Springs was a highlight of the weekend


Finding the cedar swing we placed out by the spring to enjoy the view and a few quiet moments


Nothing like the Northwoods to make a kid lay on his back and look up at what the world had to offer, something we all should do more often

DSCF4320 DSCF4319 DSCF4318

Thanks for showing us what we were missing looking at our feet instead of up, Jack


Catching Katie having fun on the playground


No vacation is complete without a few games of pinball


Deer tracks at the lake

DSCF4297 DSCF4296 DSCF4285 DSCF4278

Wishing for summer and a trip down the slide

DSCF4271 DSCF4270


I think this picture sums up slowing down and enjoying some moments with your family, one of the best reasons to come up North to the resort.  Folks ask me what is there to do in the off season.  I think Jack caught with this pic just what there is to



No vacation is complete without making dad a Pudgie Pie over the fire.  If your campfire experience has been limited to just smores, you need to check out a pudgie pie maker at a camping store, Gander Mountain or a store like that has them.  We have a couple of them around the resort as well.  Using white bread, pie filling, cinnamon and sugar it is a wonderful experience



Thanks to Jack and Katie for sharing their weekend.  See you next year for your weekend in pictures part 3