What could it be sticking its head out of the murky depths of Lower Kaubashine… could it be Nessie come from a visit from Scotland



The picture gets more interesting….  call everyone to the lake Nessie is here!



What is she talking about… a monster in the lake!  Run for it!







Hold on was she talking about you Ed?  Where you doing your head and tail impersonation of the Lockness monster again to scare the tourists?




We better high tail it before we end up on a reality TV show about what is at the bottom of Lower Kaubashine.  Ed you get us in so much trouble with your pranks



Swim fast…

Side Note:  We do believe these were otters not muskrats of Nessie from Lochness.  We do have muskrats in the lake but these were bigger and hanging in a group which makes us think they were otters.  Thanks to the otters for making a dreary November morning entertaining.  Always something to see on Lower Kaubashine regardless of the weather or the time of year