We had our first snow fall that stuck to the ground last  night.  I am sure this will melt but it has us thinking about winter and buttoning up the last things that need to be made ready.  Like 5 boats still in the water and a few docks….  these would not be in my job description




Wigwam in the snow this morning




Looking down the driveway




Christmas advertisement from Looney Bin Gift Shop.  I recently had a crafter drop off these neat Christmas Bulbs.  They are 8.00 a piece or 4 of them for 29.00 picked up at the resort or add on shipping.  They can be made to order, just request the color of the bulb and the wording you would like on the bulb




This one was my favorite




Other things in the Christmas spirit are these Christmas socks.  I got a great deal on this yarn on clearance.  I usually charge 27 dollars for my 75 percent wool socks but these I can let go for 20 dollars.  I almost did not get this yarn when I saw it in the clearance bin, but a lady told me it knit up nicely and she was right.  I was pleasantly surprised how they turned out.  Where is the 2nd sock you ask?  I was watching The Voice last night while making the 2nd one.  I was not paying attention and got it half done and accidentally thought I was done after the heel and cut the yarn… Troy heard a few choice words and the sock maker got put away.  2nd sock will come out this afternoon.  They can be made to fit I just need the shoe size.  Perfect for the person who has everything for Christmas and you don’t know what to get them.  For either the balls or socks email me at