Winter seems to be sticking to the ground.  This is the snow we had a couple of days ago and it is not melting away


I stopped down at the lake this morning by the road to find ice in the bay, yet another sign that winter is knocking at the door and not going away



Ice slowly making its way out from the shore



Not sure how well the camera caught it but that is some beautiful frost in the trees along the road this morning.  It was a pretty drive along Lower Kaubashine



With the cold temps it was time to install the heater in the office building.  Last year while we were building the office we only had some space heaters going.  This year we added a furnace which will be nice for all our winter guests and enable us to use our office area this winter


Troy declared that he is done cutting oak firewood for the main house and we have enough for winter.  I know every day we have to pry the the boys away from the woodstove at night.  There is just something about the warmth that comes off a wood stove that is hypnotic



Here is the completed green pair of Christmas socks I finished this week along with my favorite Christmas sock yarn on the left.  I have lots of the green yarn that I got on clearance and can do the green socks for 20/pair they are 70 percent wool and 25% nylon I usually charge 27.00 for my 75% socks.  The red pair is called Merry, Merry and unfortunately is not cheap yarn…..and are 30/pair, wish I could make them cheaper.  I have a 3rd Christmas yarn going on the sock maker tonight.  It is the Gingerbread color same company as the red pair and same price.  If interested in them let me know, I put a picture up of the other sock yarn tomorrow it has a black color in replacement of the green.   I will be getting more of the Merry, Merry red yarn and have 6 skeins of the Gingerbread color coming tomorrow on the blog.  Stay tuned and email me at if interested


Sunset along Lower Kaubshine last night