I have been hinting for a couple of months about one of our docks becoming famous.  In August we were asked if we had a old rustic dock with a good view for a photo shoot for the cover of The Minocqua Chamber of Commerce visitors book.  The photographer models and dog came out at 5:30 am in August to catch this moment on Eagles Nest dock.  Turned out really well and the photo was chosen for the cover of the 2014 Minocqua book.  100,000 copies of this book will start being distributed for 2014 starting in mid January.  Make sure to pick one up at the chamber or if the office area when you are at the resort next year



Now on to other news.  When you own a swamp like we do, strange things suddenly appear once in awhile without a name or identifying number to find the owner.  This boat appeared in the swamp a few years ago.  Its owner apparently did not want to pay a disposal fee to get rid of it and decided we would not notice or mind it in the swamp……  Yes we loved having it….. really…..  Time to dispose of the boat and get rid of an eye sore but how….


It actually was an interesting boat and if restored would be a match to our old 56 ski boat.  We figure it is one of the first fiberglass boats from about 1960


Unfortunately it was too far gone to restore and time to get the saw out and find a time the dumpster has room


From the swamp to the dumpster.  Sad to see the old relic go but it was too far gone.  This is fair warning to anyone thinking of buying a swamp in Northern Wisconsin or anywhere else.  Own a swamp and things start to appear