I traditionally take a pic of all our families at the resort celebrating Thanksgiving in the cabins.  This year when I went on my walk about with the camera I only caught a couple of them.  Everyone else was either  not ready or missing half of their group.  I ment to go back and catch everyone but the smell of turkey kept me close to our house.  Every year I catch the Evans guys at the table



I am convinced they sit for 3 hours during the Packer game at the table munching and just waiting for me to come with the camera.  It never fails this is where they are every Thanksgiving afternoon


This was only half time of the Packer game and half the turkey left for the 2nd half…..  in hindsight of knowing what happened in the game they might have been better to turn it off and go back to the woods hunting



This year they came complete with shirts for the great Evans Family Hunt



I caught Pam and Marge just before their meal in Restawhile enjoyng a quiet Thanksgiving.

Everyone else disappeared, went hunting or were taking a nap

Happy Thanksgiving to all!