Cold December morning but warmer than it has been





Wandering down to the lake after days in the house by the woodstove



There have been tracks on the lake so time to take the first few steps out on the lake.  Checking out the ice, it is pretty rough.  We will start getting a rink ready for Christmas.  This year it will not be so easy as just shoveling off the snow, the rough ice from the ice storm will have us flooding a rink to get decent ice, not one of Troy’s favorite things to do.  It involves a garden hose down the hill and making sure it drains completely or hundreds of feet of frozen hose to deal with



Venturing not too far from shore to get pics of the boats hibernating.  That is far enough for the first day on the ice.  Where is Mack you ask…..



He took one look at me stepping out on the ice and high tailed it to the top of the beach steps to wait for me to come back up.  No amount of calling his name would get him to come down the steps.  The ice is not yet Mack approved.  That will take until at least Christmas