The Black’s Cliff 2014 calendar is finally ready to be ordered.  Sorry about the wait.  I have it done through Walgreens as usual.  I can invite you to see it and you can order it and have it made up at your local Walgreens or delivered in the mail.  Through Thursday the calendars are 40% off at Walgreens.  I believe you can also change my calendar and insert your own pics of you want in your calendar you order to make it more personal for you.  the above pic is the cover pic of the calendar.  To preview the calendar send me an email to and I will send you back an invite through Walgreens to see the calendar before you order it yourself.  Remember to use the coupon 40holiday to get the 40% off the calendar.  If you order it made at your local Walgreens for pick up you save on shipping charges