Sometimes you feel like the only one on the lae with a whole lot of snow…..



Trying out the leaf blower again on the ice rink.  The conclusion to this experiment is that for light snow it works fine but if there is any weight to it, it is not worth it.  The old shovel method is the best but it is nice to have the blower along to help.  Why no snow blower you ask?  Have you seen our hill? and we possess 3 teenage boys, so for now this is the system that works



Besides it is a great way to work off all those Christmas cookies



The peanut gallery has no opinion on the matter.  He just wants to go up and lay by the fire





Mans best friend through thick and thin…. even goes out on the scary ice





We had some ice fishermen up for the day.  They caught some pan fish was the report I heard


In other news for the first time in years there is  no big pile of wood to be cut in front of the shed



Now there is just a big pile of wood to be split.  I think I will go make some more cookies to keep the fuel tanks going



Just so everyone knows the guys have been busy inside too, Birchwood got a new exhaust fan.  I am sure my cookie and bread bakers in Birchwood will appreciate it

Now one to decorating the Looney Bin and Community Room for Christmas.  Our first folks for Christmas arrive on Friday.  We do still have openings through the week if you need an escape give a call