The snow has been falling and the cold has been blowing.  We have had a couple of day reprieve from the cold temps for folks to get outside and play in the snow and ice



Snowshoes have been the name of the game this week with many folks going out to enjoy our blue trail through the woods



Snowshoeing among the pines heavy with snow



I have been asked how deep is the snow in the woods and the bird bath gives a good idea of the snow depth



I have been sent a few pictures in the last few days of happy people with socks and stockings they found under their tree purchased in the Looney Bin that I made.  These socks made it all the way across the pond to England where they were enjoyed.  I see there are also Packer fans in England looking at the trivet on the table



Then there are those like Jack who opened his present to find a hand made stocking with his name on it.  Glad you like it Jack!

If you find you suffer from a severe case of ugly stocking syndrome from Aunt Mertle, let me know and the problem can be solved before next Chrismas and Aunt  Mertle will never know.  I also save folks from generic plain stockings from Walmart.  Take a chance with what I will have knit ahead or let me know ahead of time and they can be ready with names on when you come to the resort or shipped.

We do have openings still for New Years if anyone needs to escape to the woods for a peaceful time by the fire to ring in the year give a call