Time to go snowshoeing.  We figured if we were sending so many folks down the trail we had better get out and snowshoe it ourselves, so down the trail we went



You find our very quickly that having snowshoes with grippers on is a good thing coming down a hill



Down the trail we go with a golden retriever who has spent too much time sleeping by the fire and sneaking Christmas cookies off the coffee table



Blue Trail across from the resort.  Just follow the tracks to Kitty Springs


The ice storm from a few weeks ago still had trees bent over from the weight of the ice into the trail.  We shook a few of them off and they were easier to go under



Muskrat fence poking through the snow.  This old fence is from the 1930’s when the land was a muskrat farm.  Don’t ask me what they did with the muskrat, I just know this was the fence used to keep them in and it is a pain to rip out



Cedar swing set up towards the end of the trail looking out at the spring.



Love the views!  Why didn’t we buy this land years ago and put this trail in…  Time to enjoy it when you come up to the resort



This tree with the double blue markers on it is the end of the trail.  One of these days I am going to put a log book out here for folks to sign who make it to the end of the trail.  It was quite the hike by snowshoes.  Much easier to hike.  Missing pics on the way back was Troy and I being the first ones to break snow down the yellow and orange trails.  Biggest problems were a very large golden retriever who liked to follow right behind us and step on the back of our snowshoes.  Mack found it much easier to follow our broken trail that plunging through snow ahead of us.  We were not a fan of his technique



Mack would like it pointed out that if Christmas cookies are left at his level on the coffee table they are free for the taking.  He also resents the implication that he was following our tracks.  He wants the snowballs on his coat to speak as evidence that he spent plenty of time bounding off in the woods, we just chose not to follow him



Snowshoe adventure done for now.  Come on out and enjoy the trail