We had warmer temps for one afternoon this weekend and we decided to take advantage of it and head out on a ski trail.  Schlecht Lake trail is 5 minutes from the resort on the way into Minocqua just before Settler’s Mill golf.  The trails in yellow on the map are lit at night during the ski season and very fun to do.  We decided to head out on the blue trail between Skida Lake and Schlecht Lake.  It was a nice ski.  I remember telling Troy as soon as we get away from the yellow trails the hills are not very bad….  He is not a fan of hills preferring rolling straight trails through woods



Jake ready to go with his new skis on.  We beat the groomer and were skiing through fresh powder.  We did run into the groomer a couple of times and it was nice to ski on fresh groomed trails part of the way.  Always wave and say thank you to the groomers as usually they are volunteers grooming the trail for everyone’s enjoyment and the love of the sport, both snowmobile and ski trails



Ready to go and find the flat trails…..



Jake waiting for us to catch up.  His 19 year old legs go much faster than his poky parents



Where are the flat trails you mentioned?  This looks like a hill to me and this is not relaxing skiing



Skida Lake in the back ground



Now this is flat and enjoyable.  Prettiest part of the trail cutting through a small spit of land between the lakes.

Pictures stop here as it was just starting to get cold and taking off my glove was not a pleasant experience to take pictures.  Missing pics where the hills on the way back… did I mention there were just a couple of hills?

Schlecht Lake trail is worth the stop anytime of the year hiking or skiing and only 5 minutes from the resort.  You can experience the hills for yourself