Temps last night went down into the mid -20’s to 30 below with a windchill of – 50.  I get asked what is the coldest temp we have ever seen.  That would be about 16 years ago when it was an actual temp of – 40 not counting the wind chill.  – 40 is an important temp we learned as that is the temp that LP gas starts to gel back to a liquid.  We use LP for heating and it is stored in our 2, 1000 gallon tanks at the resort along with quite a few other smaller 500 gallon tanks.  16 years ago the LP started to loose pressure in the line due to the gelling.  This is not a good thing at – 40.  The only way we were told then to get the LP flowing is to fill the tank to get the pressure up or heat the tank with a bed of charcoal under it.  The idea of putting a bed of charcoal under gas tanks just seems like asking for trouble.  Thankfully that day 16 years ago, the gas company was able to get more gas in the tank and the pressure came back up and things warmed up.  Today we are not too worried at – 30 overnight.  It has now warmed to a balmy – 12 with a wind chill of “Who cares it is just darn cold”  So in my mind everything is just fine as long as it is not – 40 actual degrees



What to do when the weather gets that cold?  Get out the 1960 Studio flat knitting machine I found at an antique store in November and try to figure it out.  So far so good, not too many naughty words said.  Hopefully I can figure out how to do a scarf on it and then we shall see where I go from there.  It was owned by a lady in Eagle River who made tons of different things on it.  It is more complicated than my circular sock maker and will never replace it, but it will be fun to see what else I can come up with to make on it



Thankfully it comes with a much better book of instructions than the 1914 sock maker did.  By the 60’s instructions were much better and easier to read.  I have seen much more complicated machines that are electric with all sorts of dials and gizmos.  This one is still not electric and hand operated.  I got a heck of a deal on it for 120 dollars.  I have seen them on ebay for 1600 and up. Stay tuned to see if it ends up thrown in the lake or I figure it out


Til it warms up we will just be happy it is not -40 and keep an eye on the LP tanks