We have had an 80 degree temperature swing this week from – 50 wind chill to a balmy 30 degrees today.  Fresh snow came down last night and it is a beautiful warm day to be out enjoying it

After a burst water pipe in our basement, frozen septic line in Bayview, frozen water line in Restwhile and all the wood we carried in this week this was a welcome change.  Never fear all is well with the cabins and everything is flowing smoothly again


Shoreline looking towards Holiday and Norway piers



Panorama gives the land a curve it does not have.  I was standing 200 feet from shore looking towards the beach


Stripe of the skating rink shoveled off and looking towards the point.  Seriously considering going to get a snowblower today


Lower Kaubashine dressed in new snow


Standing on beach steps looking towards Jack’s Landing in the new snow

IMG_3699 IMG_3698 IMG_3697 IMG_3696 IMG_3694

Picnic table shows about how deep it is in the woods.  Great for snowshoeing

IMG_3693 IMG_3691




Time to get the plow going.  Steve is off visiting Craig in Arizona so in the meantime Troy is cleaning up the snow with the gator.  I like how the snowcap on the gator gets thicker and thicker