The snow is getting deeper and deeper.  I figured all the kids looking forward to swinging on the horse swings this summer would like this picture.  These old swings have been remade many, many times and originate from the 40’s or 50’s.  Steve made the latest pair a few years ago, copying from the old pattern.  How many generations have grown up swinging on these swings each summer.  That is what makes coming to the resort special and better than any Hilton or Disney World



Mack enjoying a romp through the snow now that it has warmed up.  Temps are up and we got little to no freezing rain.  Conditions are perfect for this weekend

We do have 2 cabins left if anyone is interested



Steve left to visit Craig in Arizona.  That left the plowing to me.  Lets just say I am not a fan of plowing.  I say a few foul words while doing it and occasionally hit things.  So far just the side mirror on the truck and the white rocks in the playground have been moved a bit.  If our driveway was a straight shot simple plow it would be one thing, but we have numerous curves, twists and trees that like to jump out and grab side mirrors.  If you see the white truck plowing I kindly suggest you get out of the way and make room for it to get through



In the mean time the 2nd puzzle of the winter is on the table and in the background you can see the flat knitting machine and bins of yarn.  We are getting ourselves through.

I had a blog correction from the one eyed bandit in Arizona, Craig.  He wants everyone to know that the coldest temp was – 42 degrees.  He flew back from Jamaica to arrive to furnaces not working and spending his first evening after the beaches of Jamaica to getting gas to move through lines and contemplating coals under the LP tanks.  Everyone put a positive thought to Arizona tomorrow.  Craig is having eye surgery from a torn retina he needs a few good thoughts sent his way so we can call him the 2 eyed bandit and not the one eyed bandit.  If any of his friends want his texting cell phone number to send him a message to get well send me and email and I will send it to you