Sunset on Lower Kaubashine in the cold… did I mention cold?



I have no idea the temp at the time but it was cold…  I had warm socks on…. where did these amazing warm socks come from…. oh I know



Mack running to stay warm



Snow is getting deep on the lake



Is it time to go in yet?  I don’t have warm socks on like you do.  Now where could I get warm socks?



So just in case anyone needs socks I do have a few around I have made.  I have been shipping off an order a 2 a week since before Christmas for folks that got socks this summer and want more for their cold feet.   These first pictures are no wool socks for those out there that do not like any wool   They are size 9 – 10.  All socks are 18 dollars until I get to the 75% wools



No Wool size 7 – 9


No wool size 6 – 7



Most of these are 50% wool, 25% bamboo, 25% nylon  With the bamboo in them it softens the sock and makes it so they are not pricky at all.  Most folks love these and they are come of my best sellers.  These are all size 6 – 7



Same as last pic size 7 – 9



More 50% wool with bamboo and nylon size 9 – 10



Now for those that love warm feet.  These next pics are my 75% wool and 25% nylon socks.  All 27 dollars, the yarn costs more.

These are size 6 – 8



75% wool size 7 – 9



75% wool size 9 – 10



75% wool size 10 – 11


Size 11 – 12

All socks can be made in any size. If you see a color in a different size just ask, as long as I have the yarn I can make them up in whatever size.  When I ship most of the time it costs 4 – 5 dollars.  If you have any requests for you cold feet or to make an order email me at and I will get them in the mail to you