My husband comes in the office as I am doing paper work and asks me if I want to come take pictures of them taking down a tree that is very close to Red Pine.  My eyes light up at the prospect of entertaining pictures of trees crashing, hopefully not on anything important.  Here is the tree in question.  It has been roped and pulled away from Red Pine



Discussing their first tree, the smaller one and thinking about the bigger one in the back



Well first one down without a problem



Now on to the big guy


But of course it never goes smoothly and time to sharpen the chain saw.



I got pulled away and had to come back to find the tree down.  Apparently everything went as planned



Nice job guys!

The following pictures were for someone in Arizona who is still keeping his head horizontal while he recovers from eye surgery.  Craig’s vision is still not come back yet, lets hope it improves with time.



Mack would like to point out it has been a cold winter!

We are unhappy to announce that we heat with propane or LP as we call it.  Our heating rates have tripled in the past few days and we will have to be adding on a fuel surcharge to our winter guests 10 extra per night for a 2 bdr, 20 for a 3 bdr and 30 for a 4bdr.  As soon as these rates come back to normal we will be stopping the charge.   Lets all pray for a warm up in these temps and we are going to throw another log on the fire