If there is anyone in America right now that does not have snow outside their window this is for you….. but I think those people are only in Miami today and maybe the west coast



Our greeter bear getting slowly buried.  This is snow depth we usually see mid February just before everything starts to melt away at the end of winter.  Guys are contemplating starting to shovel roofs





Still have a wood pile ready to burn in the house



If you are shopping in Minocqua today the hot item to buy is not a Minocqua T Shirt or fudge, it is one of these babies.  Ace Hardware got a delivery of 40 of these and expects them to be gone by noon.  We are using 4 of these to heat our 2bdrs.  We would use them in every cabin if we could, but due to where water lines are under the cabin our furnaces have to run in some of our cabins to keep the underneath warm as well.  4 of these infrared heaters will hopefully help us reduce the use of propane.  Just to be safe in the cabins we use them in we have to make sure to go down atleast twice a day and open up all the water faucets  and flush the toilet a couple of times to make sure the water keeps moving.  Troy and I are going to come up with a name for this run through the cabins.  The Flush and Run, Run ….   Whoosh…. it goes……  as we run through Birchwood, Bayiew, Wildflower and Restawhile turning on water and flushing the toilet and moving to the next cabin…  Ahhh the joys of running a resort in Northern Wisconsin