I came around the corner to this scene with Steve up a ladder.

Me:  “What are you doing up there”

Steve “Dad told me to do this a few years ago when snow was on the roof so the branch would bounce off the roof and not cause damage”

Me:  “And you thought today was the correct day for this”

Steve:  “yep it is a balmy 10 degrees had to celebrate it somehow, this seemed the way to do it”



Here is the branch in question hanging over Muskie’s roof causing years of saying “You know sometime we should cut that branch but lets wait for winter so it has the snow to protect the roof”

Warm temps bring a bit of spring fervor and a few crazy ideas and this is one of them…


Be careful and if you fall please do not land on Troy



This branch and a few more came crashing down and thankfully Steve did not come crashing down with them



More crazy ideas in the balmy 10 degrees.  Lets shovel some roofs off!  Restawhile and a number of other porch roofs got a little TLC



Drifts on the roofs.  Again this is usually snow totals we see in mid to late February



Today brings more roofs.  Both of the big shed roofs have to be done as well.  Hopefully we do not get into shoveling off all the roofs that is a chore we have done in the past but would prefer to remember it as a memory and not the future