Before we get to Charlie’s dilemma I thought I would show how deep the snow has gotten.  The birdbath shows how deep it is if you step in fresh snow.  It really is time for snow shoes



This picture is for Ted Tempel.  Under the snow somewhere is the front yard bear.  His eye is just sticking out



This is what I went through to get Ted his picture.  Hope you enjoy the pic while I dry out



Mack enjoying a romp and a work out plowing through the new snow



Shed roof had some amazing amounts of snow up on it.  Troy has cleared the way for more snow.  I remember as a kid sledding off this roof.  Not the wisest choice for afternoon entertainment but survived to tell the tale



Steve’s VW Wagon buried for the winter waiting for spring



Walk way to Kaubashine becoming a tunnel

Now on to Charlie’s dilemma



When you are a dog obsessed with balls and your ball is thrown in 4 feet of snow how is a dog to find it…..  Especially a dog without much of a winter coat….  But I must find my ball….. I must…



Getting a little help…. but no ball….



This is so much easier in the summer…. Where is the ball?



Quit laughing at me and find my BALL!  This is a serious situation

Good luck Charlie everyone else is going in by the fire