Black Family Photo


As it is cold out and I have not been out taking pics and someone this weekend did not send me their ice fishing pics (Murry) I grabbed a pic that was sent in by Dan Christian.  Dan found this oldie but goodie in his files this winter.  I thought folks might recognize a few of these hooligans from the early 80’s.  Where does the time go….  I am noticing we all including Craig have on ski boots.  I am assuming much grumbling was had after the pic was taken about being forced to ski by Trudy.  We all hated going skiing as kids but as adults all voluntarily like to do it and force our own kids to go.  Now the full circle has happened my own son Jake is now coming up cross country skiing with the Lawrence ski team next week and loves it.  His grandma would be thrilled to know it

Thanks for sending in the pic Dan