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I pictured Charles and his ball dilemma the other day on the blog.  Charles (aka Charlie or Chuck depending on his mood) also got to go ice fishing this weekend.  I have never seen a dog with a coat as short as Charles that enjoys the cold like he does.  Then again gives him a reason to sit by the fire



His 15 year old much wiser cohort Missy was happy to just stay by the fire.  If the ice was off the lake I can guarantee she would be in it even at 15 going for a swim.  Today she was just happy to warm her bones by the fire and get treats from grandma Murry



Is there a ball coming out of that hole?  I am sure there is a ball coming out.  I will watch it til it comes out!



Charles’s owners wondering how long he will really stay pointing over the hole and if there are any fish in Lower Kaubashine today crazy enough to bit the hook



Hmmm does this sit look familiar…..



Guy in a chair posted at the lake in the snow…..



March 1st is coming around the corner and Tom wants everyone to remember to get their Ice Out guesses in for Black’s Cliff annual Ice Out Contest that will start March 1st.  Cliff will come out of the basement to head to the lake, unless Tom wants to come up and take his place for the plunge in the lake

Thanks to Murry, Tom, Chris and Amanda and of course Missy and Sir Charles for sharing their ice pics of the weekend.  See you guys in June, when the ice may or may not be off the lake.  We promise to find Charlie’s missing balls he lost this weekend after the snow melts