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Millie from 1950.  This picture could have been taken today or 1950 and it looks the same.  Since it is cold outside and I do not feel like going out to take pictures why not just go into the old file.  Millie’s snow report in front of Bayview.  Knee deep sounds about right to me



Anyone who comes to the resort in the summer knows how much of my laundry ends up on lines and dry racks.  Especially if you stay in Kaubashine.  My old rack has see the end of its days.  After 20 years of drying rugs and clothes it is time to retire.  Ace Hardware had a pretty white painted one which I am replacing it with but it is missing the old feel of my other one.  How many loads of laundry have been on this rack.  Even in the winter the racks are in the basement and drying 2 loads a day.  I have 3 of them lined up and this is my last old one.  Sad to see it go



Instead of taking pics outside this week I have been busy making a few socks.  Here are the latest off the sock maker.  All 75 % wool



Lakeland Swim team has their conference meet this evening.  Swim fast Ben, swim fast!  Relays, 50 free, 100 free and 100 breast stroke.  Mom, Dad and Grant will be there cheering you and the team on.  Go Lakeland!