resort 48090


Our summer pic from yester year…  This boat is still out in our shed waiting for someone bored to do something with it.  One of the spring tasks we no longer do is tar the old wood boats.  Craig and Dave would do this every spring to the fleet.  Thankfully steel and fiberglass boats do not need this.  I think Dave is the blonde in the middle and cousin Ross is in the front of the boat.  The steps to the beach can be seen in the background.  How times change…



Fresh snow on the bell this morning.  It has warmed up into the 20’s and we are doing a dance.  It feels balmy compared to -20 yesterday morning.  This old bell has lots of history.  It was left by the orginal owner of the resort Clifford Keith.  It was off the train he used to work on that came into Hazelhurst where it stopped by Jacobi’s today.  The train was called the Hiawatha and that is why Jacobi’s was called the Hiawatha Inn until the early 80’s.  Little local history



Hillside this morning.  Temps may be up but there is a lot of snow to melt out there



Mack would like everyone to know the squirrels have come back out and it is perfect weather to chase them

resort 48071


Maynard, Craig and Dave out enjoying the cold.  Shadow of Millie can be seen the photographer


Yep this has been a real Wisconsin winter.  The old snow shoes in the picture are hanging in my livingroom and I have been tempted to take them down and see how they work through this heavy snow.  The old leather bindings look like they will still hold.. or I could just leave them on the wall where they belong