We hosted the Lawrence X Country ski team this weekend.  It was a weekend full of food, skiing, saunas and lots of laughs with this group.  My son Jake and his girlfriend Michelle are part of the group and they shared their amazing weekend in pictures.  Thanks to them for sharing



This is the reason they ventured to the Northwoods to enjoying some skiing getting ready for the Birkie next weekend in Hayward.  Amazing scenery at Winter Park this weekend with lots of snow and great grooming



Skiing at sunset



Amazing picture at Winter Park



Big thank you to Michelle and Jake for sharing the pics.  Michelle is the photographer and did a wonderful job!  They skied for 2 days and Saturday Michelle had the opportunity to go to the sea caves at Cornucopia by Bayfield about an hour and a half from the resort with her family.  She shared her amazing pics.  Enjoy and thanks to Michelle again for sharing



Every few years Lake Superior freezes enough to allow people to walk out on to the ice to see the ice formations in the sea caves.  It is a truly amazing sight and thousands gathered this weekend to venture out on the ice.  I would have loved to do this but…..



We had to go to Steven’s Point to watch Ben swim at the Sectional swim meet.  The sea caves and the sectional meet were both a sight to see.  Ben did well and is off to state with the relay teams as an alternate this next weekend.  Congrats to the Lakeland swim team and Ben!  Off to Madison.

Now back to the sea caves of Lake Superior



This is what folks venture on the ice to see.  Simply amazing







Somebody I am not saying who left a message in the ice..









Thanks to the Johnson Family for sharing their adventure.  It remains on my bucket list of things to do



Back to the car.  Michelle has one piece of advice for anyone going out to the ice.  Make sure you stop to use the bathroom there are no porta potties on ice.  Also there is a shuttle out to the caves from a parking lot in town but she said it would have saved time to just park on the county road and walk in



Happily back at Lawrence University and ready to take on the rest of the quarter after a wonderful break in the Northwoods.

Had to treat mom to a nice brunch in the cafeteria for the ride back to school.  Cafeteria food is not what I remember at college.

Thanks again to Michelle for all the great pics

The Lawrencians are welcome back anytime!