I wandered down to the lake imagining 6 – 12 more inches of snow…..  Troy has nicely kept the beach steps clear of snow and getting down to the lake the thought of going off his shoveled paths into feet of snow was not happening.  Even for a nice picture of fog on the lake.  These pics were all taken from the last step.  I was going no farther…



Really Mother Nature we have had enough



My favorite picture.  In the middle of the snowy pile is a very small orange stick coming out of the snow.  That is the only evidence that the raft is under all this snow.  It is the connection to the ladders that go on the raft.  6 – 12 inches more of snow and even this last piece of the raft is going to disappear



But we all know the raft will eventually come out of hibernation…. it has too!



Somewhere under that snow is the ski dock and the green canoe



My bird bath I think will finally disappear with 6 – 12 inches of snow… and the snow cap on it will just get bigger



This picture is for the Ted.  Somewhere under the lump to the left of the picnic table is the playground bear.  I am not trudging through the snow to see if his eye is still sticking out.  6 – 12 inches more of snow and we may see the bear in June


Just as I was about to hit the publish button for the blog, Steve came in with these pics of Kitty Springs this morning at the end of our property.  Enjoy and stop and enjoy Kitty Springs when you are at the resort it is a beautiful area!

IMG_3938 IMG_3935