With all the snow we have received it is time to shovel a few more roofs.  Eagles Nest was on the list today.  The first challenge was to trudge through waist deep snow to get to the cabin.  We do not keep it plowed out in the winter so it was a slow trudge through the snow with shovels and a ladder.



Here is the side before



And after



I am not one for being on roofs and am much happier on the ground with a roof rake.  I have heard roof rakes can not be found in Wisconsin at the moment.  Everyone is looking for one to clear their roofs



I was wondering where Mack was but spotted his head peaking out.  He was not in a hurry to leave the trail we had created to the cabin.  He was not a fan of this shoveling endeavor and was ready to go back to the fireplace



It will be quite sometime before we can get in the front door of Eagles Nest



Roof rake my new friend



Time to trudge back to the house and think of which cabin is next.  Shamrock is high on the list… and Craig’s house with leaking sky lights

That is the thing about running a resort a job that for most people is just one roof turns into a much bigger project when you deal with the number of buildings we do.  Back to shoveling.  Atleast I can skip my afternoon workout after the ab work I just had with the shovel, and a stair master is nothing compared to slugging it through snow up to your waist