I found this little treasure on Ebay last week.  This post card is one of the oldest I have found from my grandparents.  From the post mark was mailed in 1947.  They bought the resort in 1946 so I believe this is one of the first postcards of Black’s Cliff.  We did not have it in our archives.  Someone out there on Ebay bid against me and made me up my bid from 3 to 5 dollars.  Could not let my grandparents escape in an Ebay auction.



Here is the back of the card.  I do not know who it was addressed to or who wrote it.  I am planning on somehow framing it and putting it in the office area

In the meantime if you find a Black’s Cliff card on Ebay and want to up the bid on it, please email and ask me if I am the one you are bidding against



Wildflower is starting to look like a construction zone.  The plywood is the new subfloor going into the bedrooms



Troy getting the floor cleaned up for new subfloor and new carpet



Giving the walls a fresh coat of varnish



Steve getting the old doors cleaned up and touched up with stain and varnish



New ceiling light that my Iphone did not appreciate is up.  Steve getting the ceiling dusted.  He seems to think I have not dusted the ceiling in a few years.  He would be right on that.

Ice Out 2014 usually starts March 1st but we are going to wait til Monday to put Cliff out on the ice officially.  It just seems mean to put him out there when temps are going subzero at night.  We also have a busy weekend heading over to Klondike days in Eagle River with the Looney Bin gift shop, socks, soaps and all sorts of other things are going to the craft fair Saturday and Sunday