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We have delayed starting Ice Out 2014 for a week due to the just plain cold temps.  It did not seem fair to drag Cliff out of the basement at – 20.  Cliff was more than happy to hang in the basement another week.



But the time has come.  Time to head to the lake for the big plunge



Finding just the right spot for Cliff to sit



Last minute adjustments and words of advice on how to stay warm on a frozen lake



So once again Cliff has take up his spot on Lower Kaubashine to await Ice Out.  Send in 5 dollars to

Ice Out

C/O Black’s Cliff Resort

Po Box 125

Hazelhurst WI 54531

Name the day you think Cliff will take the plunge into Lower Kaubashine your name and contact info.  1/2 of the money will go into a pot for the winner or winners to split.  The other half of the money will be donated to The Lakeland Food Pantry.  If Cliff sinks after sunset he will be credited to the following day as Troy and I are not sitting out with flashlights all night to see if he sinks.  All guesses have to be in by March 20th.

Lets have fun again watching Cliff welcome spring to Lower Kaubashine and take his icy plunge in the lake



Spring and ice out are a long way off



There is hope and another sign of spring, this small piece of metal is a part of the raft that is sticking through the snow.



Let the fun begin.  Cliff is back on the ice for Ice Out 2014