We have been gone this week on a couple of small spring break trips and Gail and Char came up to keep an eye on the resort and Mack.  Gail and Char learned a few things this week about being up in March

1. Dan’s Fudge closes

2.  Blink Bonnies has no wait for a table on a Wednesday night in March

3.  The Bachelor is better to watch with friends and a bottle of wine.  Side note:  Char will not admit to watching a minute of it but did laugh at the absurdity of it

4.  Mack knows how to get in and out of the main house without help. No need to call the police that he is missing

5.  The streets of Boulder Junction are deserted in March but they have great sales for what is open


The way to get a golden retriever to cooperate is with Snausages

and the number one thing they learned….



Never leave the shoveled trail you will sink in waist deep snow and have a very hard time getting out.



Thanks to Gail and Char for watching the place so we could go visit the relatives and learn how to play our new favorite game Michigan Rummy