I had some really neat pictures shared with me from Nichole and Stephen in Birchwood.  They spent the week enjoying returning to the woods and  the area after not being in the Northwoods in a long time.  Nichole caught some awesome pictures of the deer going out onto the lake.  Craig’s two cabins The Chateau and Blackwood are in the shoreline to the left and the background of the picture is where the road meets the lake.  I have never seen so many deer on the lake in a group.  Thanks for sharing these pics Nichole!







Deer entering the lake by Clawson Road.



It has been a very rough winter on the deer.  The snow is still thick with a crust making it hard for them to get food

New Image


Nichole also shared some great pics she took in the morning





The raft now has 2 of its metal braces for the ladders showing.  Snow is slowly melting away



Kudos to Nichole for her great pics.  Thanks for sharing and you are welcome to come back anytime and contribute to the blog pics

March 20th is the cut off for the Ice Out guesses.  Get your 5 dollars in the mail and the day you think Cliff will sink into the lake