Turning on Restawhile today Mack walked in with me and wanted to go out the porch door.  I was not sure why he wanted to go out the porch door but I let him out.  He seemed confused as to where he was to go once I let him out.  Snow everywhere and no easy way seen through the snow.  He promptly plopped his butt down and decided to survey the squirrel activity from the top of the snow pile by the porch door while he decided his next move through the snow



How to navigate the piles of snow and what to do in it?  The Cikowski guys arrived for some ice fishing and quickly shoveled out the back door of Restawhile and loaded up the sleds to go down the hill



Tommy and Fritz setting up base camp minus Jimmy who had to work today.



Tommy and Fritz’s idea of spring break paradise



Tommy on the phone with Jimmy letting him know what is biting.  Good luck fishing guys I will be back later to take a pic of the big catches.  Usually they manage to pull some nice northern and panfish out.  Leave a couple in the lake for Jimmy to catch


Icicles are forming even if there is a lot of snow outside and cold.  It is slowly warming up in the Northwoods

I will be announcing the Ice Out 2014 list as soon as I unbury it from my desk and get it all organized.  Looks like we have some good competition this year