Cliff at his post this morning.  I have put the list together of all the guesses that have come in.  There were more May guesses than ever before.  If it goes that long 2 years in a row that would be amazing to see.  Last year they were ice fishing for the fishing opener in May and the year before the boys went for their first swim March 22nd.  You never know

Here is the list

March 26th  Randy Brown

April 1 Steph Novak

4th Jen Bryden

11th Baeah Bryden

13th Ruth Grady

14th Kathy Brown

16th Amy and Abigail Hebert representing the entire Tempel Family

18th Mike Grady

19th Will Flower and Acelyn Zierke

22nd Carmela Grady (representing for all the 4 legged Lower Kaubashine Fans)

26th Linda Hoadley

27th Connor Novak

28th Linda Wrobel

29th John Wrobel

30th Craig Novak and Barb Moore

May 1st Rob Moore

May 2nd Kristie and Scott Davis (one entry) and Bob Moore

May 3rd Fritz

May 4th Kurt Brown

May 5th Jimmy Cikowski and Briza Bryden

May 6th Al and Roberta Cikowski

May 7th Casey Thompson and Tommy Cikowski

May 8th Char Schmelzer and John Thompson Jr

May 9th Karen Thompson

May 10th Mike Thompson and Kim Flower

May 11th John Thompson Sr.

May 14th Peter Anderson

May 15th Gail

May 16th Suzi Thompson

May 23rd Jerry Flower

Those are the cast of characters for the 2014 ice out contest 37 entries for 92.50 dollar pot and 92.50 that goes to the the Lakeland Food Pantry along with a little extra one of the entries sent in for the Food Pantry and a big thank you to that person who knows who they are.  Let the contest begin!   If Jerry Flower is the winner on May 23rd it will be a cold Memorial Day Weekend



The sun is shinning even if the temps this weekend went sub zero (groan!).  We were making more ice this weekend than was melted.  Lets hope that is the end of the sub zero temps



Ice was plenty safe for folks walking around the lake.

Fishing report from the Cikowski guys Tommy, Fritz and Jimmy was the perch and crappie were biting like mad.  Fritz had a crappie on that was too big to get through the hole and he had to cut the line.  Jimmy’s batteries were out on his camera and Troy and I were out of town this weekend so we have no photographic evidence except for the smell of a very good fish fry that was had in Restawhile this weekend.  Glad you had a good time guys, now lets get the lake melted for some muskie fishing in May